With the upgrading of electronic astronomical accessories, electronic devices are more and more widely used in astronomical observation and astrophotography. To better meet the needs of astronomy amateurs, we launched the FMA180 PRO AF Kit.

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Product introduction


The FMA180 PRO AF Kit is an astronomical accessory designed specifically for the FMA180 PRO lens to work with ZWO's EAF (electronic automatic focuser) to realize auto and more accurate focusing. By using this kit, astronomy amateurs can more easily focus the astrograph, thus improving the accuracy and efficiency of astronomical observation or astrophotography.



The FMA180 PRO AF Kit contains the following parts: A black square bracket to support the EAF; a synchronous belt, a synchronous pulley, and locking screws, two M6×8 socket head cap screws, and four M4×8 button head screws. Note that the FMA180 PRO and the ZWO's EAF appearing in the advertising videos or posters are not included in this kit and are for demonstration only.


Installation Steps

First, remove the original black dovetail plate and finder base from the FMA180 PRO. There are two screw holes on one side of the black bracket, corresponding to the two screw holes on the bottom of the FMA180 PRO. Second, use a 2.5mm wrench to screw the two M4×8 button head screws to connect the EAF bracket and the FMA180 PRO.

Third, use a 1.2mm allen wrench to screw the M3×2 locking screws to connect the synchronous pulley and EAF, and put the EAF with the synchronous pulley into the bracket.

Forth, install the synchronous belt with one end over the FMA180 PRO and the other end over the synchronous pulley.

Fifth,adjust and fix the position of the EAF, and then use two M4×8 button head screws to fix the EAF and the bracket. Place the FMA180 PRO with the bracket on the vixen dovetail plate and secure it with two M6×8 socket head cap screws. The installation of the FMA180 PRO AF Kit is done.






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