M54 Camera Adapter (female thread) for Canon & Nikon

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Product introduction


In astrophotography, Nikon or Canon cameras are mostly favored by astronomy enthusiasts. Therefore, how to facilitate the connection of a Canon or Nikon camera into the entire optical system has also been a major focus of our company’s product development.


As a male-thread design is more and more commonly seen at the rear side of a telescope or other astronomy accessories, there is an increasing demand for a Canon or Nikon camera adapter with female thread. Hence, our company has developed this M54 camera adapter ring with female thread, which is suitable for the corresponding Canon and Nikon cameras.


Both camera adapters are designed with female thread which is M54×0.75. The Canon camera adapter is 64mm in diameter and its thickness is 11mm. While the Nikon camera adapter is 60mm in diameter and its thickness is 8.5mm.


There is a red dot on the surface of the camera adapter. It’s a marker indicating how to quickly connect the adapter ring to the camera.







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