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Compared with the first generation, it has the following new characteristics:
1. Improved optical design, users now can apply an f/4.3 full-frame reducer to the Sharpstar 100Q II, no longer limited by the original f/5.8 focal ratio.
2. More artistic appearance design.
3. 3.2" with an extra 360-degree rear-end CAA, plus an angle adjuster
4. Add a good-looking and practical handle.

Sharpstar 100Q II refractive astrograph boasts quadruplet air-spaced APO lens design, one of which is an ED(extra-low dispersion) glass. The lenses are fully wrapped with multi-layer coatings, considerably enhancing its performance whether in sky-imaging or visual observation.

The image circle is more than 44mm, which can accommodate most stock 35mm-full-frame cameras, substantially facilitating your astrophotograph. The new-added ED glass can effectively control the chromatic aberration and build up contrast and sharpness, leading our customers to a new level of universe exploration.

The properly-designed focal ratio enables Sharpstar 100Q II to be practically applied both in sky-imaging and visual observation. 

Along with its wonderful optical system, Sharpstar 100Q II is also born with a impressive focusing mechanism. Compared with most stock “rackless” focusers, its 3.2" 1:10 dual-adjustment rack-and-pinion focuser is solidly crafted with a much larger load capacity, saving the users from worrying about slipping or out-of-focus when using or attaching other accessories to the focuser. The rotator which can take a 360-degree turn on the focuser can help you adjust your imaging angle, reaching the best perspectives.

The standard 3" barrel is much thicker and more sturdy than other 3" counterparts paving the way for future upgrade of large-size flatteners or reducers which, as we know, always have a higher demand for a heavy-duty focuser. The load-capacity adjustment thumb screw on the focuser can more precisely control and balance the focuser if extra accessories are attached.
Aperture size:100mm
Focal length:580mm
Focal ratio:f/5.8
Objective lens:quadruplet air-spaced APO lens structure
Net weight:4.3kg
Gross weight:5.2kg(including tube ring, handle and dovetail plate)
Resolution:1.16 arc seconds
Limiting visual magnitude:11.8
Tube outer diameter:114mm
Tube length:600mm(when the dew shield extended), 508mm(when the dew shield contracted)

Mount: Astro-Physics 1100GTO
Telescope: Sharpstar 100QII quadruplet refractor
Camera: SBIG STF-8300 with OAG+FW8-8300 filter wheel
Guide camera: SBIG OAG-8300+Lodestar X2 with Kiss focuser
Filter: Astrodon LRGB Gen2 E-Series
Exposure time:
L: 30*10 min
R: 10*15 min,
G: 10*15 min,
B: 10*15 min