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For all astrophotography enthusiasts, filter is one of the indispensable accessories to achieve a perfect deep-sky imaging.

The dedicated astronomy filters for deep-skying imging can effectively eliminate the influence from the background light and increase the contract of your pictures in order to have the targets displayed themselves more clearly and delicately. Askar’s 5nm deep-sky narrowband filter set Color Magic is a professional astrophotography tool specifically designed for deep-sky imaging. This set includes an S II filter, an H-alpha filter and an O III filter. The bandwidth of these three filter is an astonishing 5nm.  

Compared with the previous Askar 7nm deep-sky filters, this filter set has a narrower bandwidth. Therefore, the annoying interference of background light can be reduced to a great extent. Even if your are heavily infested by the urban neon light, atmospheric night glow and other undesired light, you can also take a high-quality deep-sky picture with the help of Askar 5nm narrowband filters.

In addition, the effective transmission of the desired light of these three filters can be more than 90%. So it can better capture the light emitted by the target. The narrower bandwidth and efficient light transmission greatly enhance the contrast of your pictures, making it easier to show the details of the stars that otherwise are quite difficult to spot.

Compared with the 3nm narrowband filters that you can get on the market, Askar’s 5nm deep-sky narrowband filter set is more economical and affordable. It can help you slash down the expenditure on the filters while still satiate your needs for deep-sky astrophotography.
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