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Since the Sharpstar 61EDPH astrograph was launched, it has garnered a worldwide cult following. Not blinded by the accomplishment and applause, Sharpstar, humble and prudent, is willing to hear different voice from our customers. Take the advantage of the already-existing technology and its solid-performing precursor, Sharpstar 61 EDPH II, more advanced and universal, finally hit the market.
The upgraded 61EDPH II has inherited the strengths from its predecessor. It features triplet air-spaced APO lens design, and one of which is an ED(extra-low dispersion) glass, permitting a superb performance in chromatic-aberration correction, suitable for both visual observation and astrophotograph. The tube ring is artistically pierced, integrated with a streamlined handle, which can be used as a base for the attachment of other accessories, and a 10cm dovetail plate. There is a hole pre-tapped at the center of the dovetail plate, convenient for attachment of a tripod in ground-imaging situations. The 61EDPH II is equipped with a 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser which can be loaded with a dedicated reducer.
61EDPH II adopts the same f/4.5 full-frame reducer and offers equally brilliant images. The dedicated 2.3" f/4.5 reducer for 61EDPH II has M63×1 thread at one end(for connection to the focuser) and M48×0.75 at the other. The back-focus is standard 55mm after a connection of a camera. If not satisfied, users can attach extra spacers(not included) to extend the back-focus up to 99mm. The reducer features three-element air-spaced lens structure, supporting full-frame imaging, more strictly controlling the vignette at the edge of the image. When cooperating with 61EDPH II, the reducer can effectively shorten the focal length to 275mm, really preferred by experienced deep-sky imagers.
The pioneering upgrade on the objective lens may greatly distinguish it from its predecessor, the Sharpstar 61EDPH, though they have similar specification whether concerning the aperture size, focal length or even the appearance. Another improvement is that the f/4.5 reducer is also designed with a 360-degree rotator, which is of great convenience for composition when imaging the deep-sky objects.

Aperture size:64mm
Limiting visual magnitude:10.7
Focal ratio:f/5.5
Resolution:1.93 arc second
Tube length:235mm(when contracted)
Accessories:one tube ring, one dovetail plate, one handle
Tube outer diameter:80mm
Net weight:1.5kg(without tube ring and dovetail plate)
Gross weight:1.9kg(with tube ring and dovetail plate)
Objective lens:Triplet air-spaced APO(including an ED glass)