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SHARPSTAR new product launch! The first 140PH APO of super APO series with smart large aperture, which adopts a pioneering dual ED triplet air-spaced design, F6.5 is a proper focal ratio, focal length is 910mm.
Compared to the traditional commercial triplet APO lens with one ED glass, our company adopts dual ED ultra-low dispersion glass in the structure of triplet objective lens, which makes chromatic aberration to a higher level. The luminance, uniformity, color and sharpness of image have attained a good effect.
The telescope is equipped with push-fit Dew-shield and high quality aluminum alloy tube, 4-inch large focuser with precise focusing function, universal dovetail bar with a pair of streamline tube ring, add a nice-looking and practical handle, and a delicate aluminum box.
Combined with full-frame flat field lens and focal reducer, the 140PH APO can do multi-function full-frame astrophtography, 0.73X 3-inch full-frame focal reducer can reduce the overall focal ratio to F4.8, to meet the astrophiles for the shooting time, field range and image quality requirements, is a rare good optical system.

After extending

After shortening

Spot diagram

Optical path diagram

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