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The SharpStar 15028HNT is our latest product and development of super-fast focal ratio, hyperboloid and Newton reflecting telescope, which makes up the domestic gap in this field. Hyperboloid is much more complicated than traditional paraboloid, no matter in development, manufacture or detecting requirements. When compared to other similar products on the market, The SharpStar 15028HNT is in the leading position. Carbon fiber was used to create the lens barrel material, which is beautiful, durable and lightweight. It also provides best thermal stability by using Pyres glass.
The SharpStar 15028HNT provides a very good reflectivity (over 96%) thanks to the enhanced- Aluminium coating. The secondary cross is one-time molded, to ensure firm and hard to deform. The use of a precision 2.5" R.P. focuser offers larger payload and a stronger hold, so that your focuser will not slip when using heavy-duty observation accessories or camera.
The SharpStar 15028HNT is equipped with all CNC aluminum parts and a novelty handle, which enables the lifting of its mechanical quality and appearance to a new level, so that the overall product can more closely meet the needs of astronomers.
The SharpStar 15028HNT features a three-piece image corrector that helps to achieve full-frame photography and excellent perimeter dimming control. The focal plane is 55 mm, plus an M48X0.75 thread at the end of the focuser, the enormous back focal distance provides ample space for any visual or photographic equipment.

 NGC2264 taken by Sharpstar 150 F2.8 Astrograph  

M31 taken by Sharpstar 150 F2.8 Astrograph